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IMZA Annual Meeting

The date has been set!  Mark your calendars!

The IMZA Annual meeting will be the 11th of April. The meeting place is TBA.

Zebu will sell the afternoon of the 12th.

Anyone going needs to book a room now! 

Show News and Results

For details on the upcoming Florida shows, please  contact Rick Bogle at 407-468-9002.

If you have Miniature Zebu Cattle Show Results and would like to see them displayed on this site, contact our webmaster at

Check out the IMZA Show Policies

 I wanted to take a moment to give you a list of all shows that will  be open to ALL Registered Miniature Zebu cattle. They are below.  You can also see more details on our website at:

State Fair of Louisiana
Location: Shreveport, Louisiana

Entries Close: TBD
Begin Arrival: November 9th @ 8:00 AM
In Place: November 10th @ 5:00 PM 
Fair Show: November 11th @ 9:00 AM
Club Show: November 12th @ 9:00 AM
Begin Release: November 12th (Following Club Show)
All Out:​ November 12th @ 5:00 PM
National Western Stock Show (2018)
Location: Denver, Colorado

Entries Close: TBD
Begin Arrival: January 4th @ 8:00 AM
In Place: January 5th @ 7:00 PM
Stock Show: January 6th @ 10:00 AM
Youth Show: January 6th (Following Stock Show)
Begin Release: January 7th @ 9:00 AM
All Out: January 7th @ 5:00 PM

More Shows Being Added...

FL State Fair

NEWSFLASH:  The Florida State Fair will be hosting the Open Miniature Zebu Show on February 8, 2018 and the Southeast Miniature Zebu Show on February 9, 2018.  All IMZA registered cattle may be shown at the Open Miniature Zebu Show on February 8, but any IMZA cattle wishing to participate in the February 9 event must also be registered with the AMZA.  The IMZA will sanction and honor all show points earned by IMZA registered cattle that participate in either or both of the 2 events.  Pursuant to the IMZA Show rules, once an animal is registered with the IMZA, any show wins from qualified shows (regardless of the sanctioning organization and including wins that may have occurred prior to the date of IMZA registration) will be counted toward an animal's point total.  In addition to the rosettes, banners, and cash awarded to the winners by the Florida State Fair, the IMZA will be providing additional prizes to commemorate the show wins of IMZA animals.  We encourage our members to participate in these family friendly events and get connected with other miniature zebu enthusiasts.  Good luck to all those who attend!!

For more information, go to or contact Rick Bogle of the IMZA Show Committee at  407-468-9002 or, or any member of the IMZA show committee.

Hope to see you in Tampa at the Fair!

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