2014 Show Committee Report

    The IMZA sponsored another successful Miniature Zebu Youth Show on January 4th and 5th, 2014, at the Florida Fat Steer Show in Kissimmee, Florida.  About a dozen top-quality zebus were exhibited by some very enthusiastic youths; and, as always, the zebus were the hit of the show.  More than 100 beef animals were exhibited; but the zebus, by far, got the most attention.  The Grand Champion Bull was Cheg's Little Bond, shown by Zachary Bogle; and the Grand Champion Female was Bogle Farms Cinnamon, shown by Nicole Bogle. 
    It never fails--the more people who are exposed to our wonderful little animals, the more people fall in love with them.  A great time was had by all.
    The next IMZA-sponsored Miniature Zebu Youth Show was held during the Polk County Youth Fair on January 30, 2014, in Bartow, Florida.  Although only open to youth living in Polk County, Florida, the show still featured some top-quality animals and equally top-quality young men and women showing them.  The Grand Champion Bull was shown by Lexie Gunter of the Lake Wales FFA.  The Reserve Grand Champion Bull, FX Bar Thorn, was shown by Megan Handley.  The Grand Champion Female, FX Bar Belle Pride, was shown by Misty Devane; and the Reserve Grand Champion Heifer was shown by Gage Hester of the Dundee Middle School FFA.  A great time was had by all the participants and spectators.  Miniature zebu never fail to change the flavor of a good cow show.  Slowly, but surely, grumbles of "what are those little cows good for?" are being loudly replaced by "Wow!  Those little cows are great!!  Can I show one of them next year?"  There is no question, the doubters are being won over by our great little cows and the young men and women showing them.
    Another successful Miniature Zebu Show was held April 18 and 19, 2014, as part of the Spring Fling Fiesta Youth Cattle Show in Bartow, Florida.  A great group of young people showing a nice group of zebus made for a grand time for all.  In addition to the usual bull and heifer age classes, there was also a Luau Costume Show that was lots of fun.  The Grand Champion Miniature Zebu Bull was Cheg's Little Bond, shown by Zachary Bogle. The Grand Champion Female was Bogle Farms Cinnamon shown by Nicole Bogle.  Megan Handley had the top zebu in the costume contest.  Once again, our little cattle stirred lots of interest in the rather "set in their ways" fat steer crowd.  It was clear that we had converted quite a few of them to our wonderful little cattle.  Slowly, but surely, the masses are being won over!!!

2014 Show Results