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IMZA Membership

Membership dues are due January of each year
Please be sure to fill out your renewal membership application in full when renewing and include your membership number.

There are 5 types of membership:

Founding Members:  Members who joined the Association prior to October 10, 1991 shall be known as Founding Members, who are also active as long as dues are paid.

Active Members:  Members shall be classified as Active after acceptance of proper  application and payment of annual membership dues.  Active Members shall have the right to vote on Association issues.  Active members must own registered Miniature Zebu cattle. The fee for this membership is $35.

Associate Members:  Associate members shall be those who have an interest in the Miniature Zebu breed and its advancement in the livestock industry but who are not actively involved as owners of registered Zebu cattle.  Associate members are not entitled to vote or hold an elective office.  The fee for this membership is $25.

Youth Member Registration Fee Privilege:
Any one 18 years of age or under may become a Youth Member of the IMZA.

The fee for Youth Membership has been reduced to zero dollars. 

All Youth members are subject to the same registry fees as the Founding, Active and Associate members.

change effective 4/14/2017


Sponsored Member Fee Privilege:
An active member may gift a one-year sponsored membership to a non-member of the IMZA.
The cost of this IMZA Membership will be $20.00


New Co Ownership Membership:

Members that wish to co-own a Zebu will have a membership for free as long as both co-owners are active members in good standing with dues paid in full for that year.

change effective 07/20/2017

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