Miniature Zebu Cattle originated in India and are one of the oldest known cattle breeds in the world.  For more information on Miniature Zebu cattle, visit the Members page and visit a breeder near you.
The Little Cattle for Small Farms and Ranches

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17500 Hamilton Arms Court, Dewitt, VA  23840      PHONE: (407) 717-0084
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Upcoming Shows
FLORIDA:  The next IMZA-sponsored mini zebu show is The Spring Fling to be held in Bartow, FL, mid-April 2015.  Details will be posted when available.   If you need further information on any of these shows, please contact Rick Bogle at or 407-468-9002.

TEXAS:  The First Annual Zebu Bonanza Extravaganza will held March 14, 2015 (entries due 3/1/15).  This is a not an IMZA-sponsored show, but IMZA-registered cattle may enter by including a copy of the registration papers with entries.  The Open and Junior show will take place at the Kaufman County Fairgrounds .  All proceeds will benefit Kaufman County youth showing zebu steers or heifers (no bulls allowed in Junior show).  You can bring animals that are for sale as long as they are entered in the show.  If they are not entered, we ask for a donation.  There will also be a Silent Auction.  To donate an item, gift certificate, or service to the Silent Auction, or if you need further information on this show, please contact Jessie Wilder at 832-233-8869.

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Chris Burns of Redgate Farm, Mount Olive, IL sent us these photos and write-up of two of his cows.  Here's what Chris told us:

"Here are two silly pictures of my cow, Heikens Ark Maddie, resting her chin on Lazy Lees Pumpkin Pie.  She stood there like that for a minute or so while I was snapping pictures.  Pumpkin is 14 years old and a real beauty.  She's what I would call a shy zebu.   I've only had her for nine months, but she's come a long way with me in that time.  In fact, Maddie and Pumpkin were purchased together this spring and were both very wary of me (everything!) when they arrived.  They would both bolt out of the barn whenever I came near it for the first week or so.  Over the course of the spring, summer and fall, they have both calmed down considerably.  They both ahd calves this summer and were very good mothers, never showing any aggressive behavior towards me, which had me concerend because you never know about shy cattle.  Now they seem very content and are happy members of my herd.  One picture of Pumpkin shows her "standing guard" over her dozing newborn calf, RGF Nellie.  Doesn't she look menacing?  Funny thing about Pumpkin, she still won't let me touch her, but she will sniff my outstretched hand.  After a good sniff or two, she'll flick my hand with her lengthy horn and a quick turn of her head.  I barely feel it, but it's clear that she's had enough human contacty for the moment.  I just smile and call her funny old lady."
Miniature Zebus Warm Up to New Owner
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