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Registration Rules Summary

If you are the breeder and the Zebu is under 3 years of age with both parents being IMZA registered:


The owner of the dam at time of calving will register the offspring.  Complete the report of birth application listing you [the owner of the dam] as the breeder and you as the first owner. Pay appropriate fees.


Sellers are to complete transfers and pay appropriate fees within 60 days of sale.


All Zebu 3 years of age or older:  


The zebu must first have a completed report of birth with an IMZA registration number.  This is the permanent adult registration.  An accurate measurement of height must be reported and new photos submitted for this registration.  


A permanent registration is required for all IMZA animals over the age of 3 years. Any progeny with a sire or dam over the age of 3 years old, without a permanent registration, cannot be registered until the sire and/or dam over the age of 3 is permanently registered.   This also applies to hardship registered animals.  Pay appropriate fees.



Please read the hardship guidelines.  Applying for a hardship does not mean the animal will be accepted into the herd book.  


Hardship applications are for zebu having only one or no IMZA registered parents.  They must be at least 24 months old to apply for hardship.  


Fill out the hardship form as instructed.  Four photos and an accurate measurement of the animal are required.   


*If the initial registration was granted for an animal 24 to 35 months of age, be advised that it expires when the animal turns 3 years of age and no progeny can be registered until you have completed the permanent adult registration. A new photo and a new height measurement are required. Follow the instructions and pay the appropriate fees.  


Rejected hardship applications will have all but a $10 admin fee refunded to them if the animal is not accepted into the herd book. 



Sellers are to complete transfers within 60 days of the time of sale.  Pay fees as instructed above. 

​Open transfers are not allowed. (An open transfer is when an animal is not registered in the current owner’s name.)

Auction Form:

This is to be filled out by the seller and attached to the animal’s registration papers at the auction. It is suggested that you also fill out the online form to notify the IMZA that you have sold your animal(s) at auction and the buyer has the right to transfer into their name. The buyer is responsible to pay the fees for animals listed on this form that have been sold at auction.

This must be done within 60 days of the sale.

Upgrade Form:

This form is to be used to change a registered animals name, change in an approved registration status, or other admin fees that may apply to any changes to the herd book or registration papers.   Please note that a breeder’s farm prefix cannot be changed. You may change the animals name unless the animal already has progeny registered.


Deceased Animals:

This form is used to report any animals you owned that are now deceased.   Deceased animals should promptly be reported to the IMZA.   There is no fee to report a deceased animal.  


APPLICATION: An application is NOT a registration. It is simply a form to apply for any type of certificate, including and not limited to, report of birth, registration certificate, hardship registration.




Breeder - The person who owns the cow at time of service (was bred) by a bull.


First Owner - The person that owns the dam at time of calving.   You are the first owner of that calf. The first owner is responsible to register (report of birth) the calf.


Seller - The person that sells a zebu to another person.  The seller is responsible to complete transfers and pay transfer fees within 60 days of sale.

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