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Breed Standards

The traits which constitute "standards" for the Miniature Zebu, we lean heavily on the standards which evolved during the development of this breed for the past 100 years here in the United States.  Therefore, in general terms, our standards are as follows:

Head:  Moderately long coffin-shaped skull, orbital arches not prominent, slightly convex in profile.  Forehead prominent.

Horns:  Relatively short-horned (12") curving outwards and upwards, although down-swept is seen.

Ears:  Pointed, non-pendulous or even held upright.  Usually less than 9".

Eyes:  Medium to large, luminous.

Neck:  Strong and fairly long.

Hump:  Large in bulls, but not always highly developed in cows.  Placed just ahead of, or
directly above shoulders.  Upright and firm.

Dewlap:  Moderately developed, free of fleshiness with few folds.
Sheath:  Tight.

Hind Quarters:  General shape above the hock joint is round.  Moderately wide at the pins.

Udder:  Compact, well attached, high with even quarters.  Small to medium length teats.

Tail:  Long and slender, "whiplike" usually set high at rump, extending below hock.
Legs and Feet:  Medium length, well proportioned; strong and somewhat fine-boned. short fetlocks and hard, small hooves with equal halves and small cleft.

Color:  Black, red, spotted or steel gray to almost pure white.  In mature bulls the neck,
shoulders, and hump may be nearly black.

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