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IMZA Registered

Miniature Zebu For Sale

If you are looking for your first Miniature Zebu or your 15th new herd member you can find it here.

Visit our Online Herd Book and check the "only show animals for sale" box and begin your search.

The International Miniature Zebu Association would like to introduce a 

Brand New feature to our Online Herd Book.


The IMZA Online Herd Book For Sale Listings!!


Members can list their Registered Miniature Zebu for sale from within the herd book itself!

The Zebu you’re offering for sale will be visible with all the details, information, photos and pedigrees!


We are committed to making your membership with the IMZA a rewarding experience.

We hope you’ll take advantage of this.


*Please read the terms and conditions of use and the instructions on how to use the For Sale feature on the topheader of the website under HERD BOOK.

If you would like to find a breeder in your area you can visit our member directory.  Search by State and visit their websites and social media accounts.

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