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Miniature Zebu are cattle that are originally from the jungles of South Asia.  They adapt very well to warm weather unlike other breeds of cattle.  Their smaller size is thought to be one of the reasons they do so well in warm climates. They are “known” for their unique characteristic of a hump on its upper back, located right behind their head and neck.

What are Miniature Zebu?


The Miniature Zebu is one of the smallest species of cattle in the world.  An adult Miniature Zebu should not exceed 42 inches when measured right behind the hump.


Miniature Zebu are a nice manageable size of cattle and used for lighter agricultural work.  Miniature Zebu can also be used as a meat animal in some areas.  In India, where the Miniature Zebu have been thought to be where they originated, they are a holy animal.


Miniature Zebu are some very hardy and healthy cattle, being both parasite and disease resistant  which is another reason they are sought after. 


The calves of Miniature Zebu are just adorable and you do not know what you are missing if you have not seen one in person.  Miniature Zebu are also used in the show ring and often handled in 4H by youngsters.


Please view our members list to find a Miniature Zebu breeder near you and contact them for a visit so you can see just how amazing these little creatures are.

Miniature Zebu Cattle are slow to mature--the smaller the animals, the older they are when they first breed.  For more information on Miniature Zebu cattle, visit our ABOUT ZEBU TAB and visit a breeder near you.

If you have never seen a newborn Miniature Zebu calf, you don't know what you are missing.  They are so darn cute, almost fawn-like.  They will steal your heart.  Miniature Zebu are slow to mature.  It seems the smaller the animals, the older they are when they first breed.  They are a hardy breed and have a high resistance to disease.  Miniature Zebu are a tropical breed and handle the heat very well.  In fact, the hotter it is, the better they seem to like it.  As far as the cold weather, they would much rather stay in the barn.  As long as you furnish them with proper housing in the winter months, they will do fine.  Nothing definite is known as to the ancestry or original habitat of Zebu cattle.  However, Zebu cattle are known to be one of the oldest breeds of cattle, possible dating back as far as 6000 B.C.  In Southern India, which is one of the principal cattle-raising districts of all India, there exists cattle known as "Nadudana" or small cattle.  A few of these were imported in the 1920's for zoological gardens in the country. 

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