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IMZA Herd Book Sale Listings

July, 01 2019

To All IMZA Members,


Effective immediately upon this notification, all IMZA Members shall agree to and be bound by the following Terms and Conditions pertaining to the IMZA Herd book Sale Listings:

The Terms and Conditions shall be immediately adopted into the current Rules and Regulations of the Association under the heading Herd Book Sale Listings



The International Miniature Zebu Association, the Board of Directors, and/or the Registrar does not vet the accuracy of the listing text beforehand and will not be held liable for any of the content found to be inaccurate. That information may include, but is not limited to, gender/castration, height, fertility, temperament, and inaccurate DNA claims.


The sale shall be considered a private transaction. The IMZA does not and will not engage in or settle disputes of monetary claims and agreements between the seller and buyer.


General Terms and Conditions:


All members shall be respectful in their listing(s) as not to disparage any other member, non-member, or person(s) of the general public. If such disparagement is brought to the attention of the IMZA, we reserve the right to remove the sale listing and if deemed appropriate, take further action as decided by the Board of Directors.


We expect every user will be honest and truthful when giving their description of the Miniature Zebu for sale. The IMZA reserves the right to request that a member correct the listing if such information is found to have claims of inaccuracies.


Additional photos can be uploaded for an individual “For Sale Listing” in the "Upload Photos" section of the herd book along with your “For Sale Listing.” We encourage all members to use this function for better presentation of the Miniature Zebu listed for sale. The use of properly sized quality photos is also recommended. The IMZA reserves the right to remove any photos deemed distasteful or inappropriate.


All “For Sale Listings” have a ninety (90) day automatic expiration date from time of listing. It is the responsibility of the member to re-post the ad if desired. No notice of expiration or the nearing of expiration will be given to a member by the IMZA.


Any abuse of the IMZA Herd Book Sale Listing by any person(s) shall be considered a breach of good faith and future access to the IMZA Herd Book Sale Listing may be suspended or terminated.

Herd Book Terms and Conditions

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