Important Breaking News

Dear IMZA Members,             

It has come to the attention of the IMZA Board of Directors, that some of the short stocky Miniature Zebu animals that many of us love, may carry a dwarfism gene. This gene may have been a part of Miniature Zebu cattle since they were first imported.  Previous DNA dwarfism tests did not allow this gene to be identified.

The IMZA's Science and Technology Committee has been working diligently with the University of California Davis, Veterinary Genetics Laboratory (VGL) to assist in the development of a test to identify this newly discovered gene, now called BDz. We are now able to announce that after a significant testing period, a test for the dwarfism gene found specifically in Miniature Zebu, is available.

Although the existence of this newly discovered dwarfism gene (BDz) is not good news, it also is not a catastrophic event which should panic Miniature Zebu owners. Animals that carry this gene are typically normal, although they may be shorter and more compact.  With knowledge and careful management practices, these cattle can continue to be a valuable part of the Miniature Zebu Cattle industry.  With the availability of this new testing, you are now able to make better breeding decisions.

This newly identified form of dwarfism, (BDz) is similar to the BD1 dwarfism which has existed in Dexter Cattle for hundreds of years. According to VGL, BD1 has also been found in a few Miniature Zebu Cattle. BD1 testing is a different process and will not detect the BDz gene. Because the 2 forms of dwarfism may possibly occur in Miniature Zebu Cattle, it is recommended that breeding animals be tested for both, BD1 and BDz. Carriers of either form, or a combination thereof, are subject to the same risk. As a result of our efforts, a simple combination panel test for BD1 and BDz, using tail hair pulled from your animals, is now available through UC Davis VGL. 

Most of the possible negative repercussions of this gene occur only when two animals carrying this gene are mated together.  Please refer to the Probability Statistics for Breeding Miniature Zebu Cattle below to further explain the risk factors involved.

----- Probability Statistics for Breeding Miniature Zebu Cattle-----
Non-carrier bred to a non-carrier = 100% chance of a non-carrier offspring
Non-carrier bred to a carrier = 50% chance of a carrier offspring and a 50% chance of a non-carrier offspring
Carrier animal bred to a carrier animal = 25% chance of a non-carrier offspring, 50% chance of an offspring which will carry the BDz gene, & a 25% of a dead bulldog dwarf calf.

With the availability of this new testing, you will now be able to make better breeding decisions. Through our continuing efforts, our herd book and record keeping, the IMZA will be able to educate, help you manage and allow you to make responsible breeding choices. The IMZA's foremost concern is to preserve the breed and to serve our members. Through new technology and research, we will continue to do so.

IMZA Board of Directors

If you would like to test your Miniature Zebu and need assistance please contact:   [email protected]
How to submit an IMZA registered Miniature Zebu for testing:   see below

Please ensure you read this page!!!

DNA Submission Guide

Greetings IMZA Members, 

Most of you may have noticed the new upgrades to the IMZA online Herd Book.
You may now begin DNA testing your Mini Zebu with UC Davis/VGL and Affiliate the results with the IMZA if you so desire.

Please follow the instructions for DNA submissions carefully. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask us.
Please, only send DNA related questions and inquiries to [email protected]

Thank you, 
IMZA Board of Directors


DNA Submission Guide

Please follow these steps if you would like your IMZA Registered Zebu’s DNA test results recorded into the IMZA herd book.

1.  Please read the instructions carefully.

2.  Only Miniature Zebu that are tested for Genotype or Parentage verified will be recorded in the IMZA herd book.

3. Create an account with UC Davis VGL

4. Log in to your VGL account.

5. Select “Cattle” at the top of the page.

6.  Fill out the information exactly as it appears on your registration papers.  If your Miniature Zebu is not registered yet fill in the information with the information you do have.

Affiliate With Registry – check this box and select IMZ from the list.

Name – exactly as it appears on your registration certificate or as it will appear on the upcoming registration certificate including the farm prefix.

Registration # - Enter it exactly as it appears on your registration papers. If the Miniature Zebu is not registered yet please enter NR in this space. This information will be updated when the animal has entered the herd book.

Sex – Choose one.  (Steers mark as Males)

Date of Birth – Is the date of birth.

State of Birth - In what State was the animal calved.

Breed – The drop down menu select Miniature Zebu.

Purity – If you are registering the Miniature Zebu it should be 100% purebred.
Select the Horn Status from the drop down menu.

Color - Input the color of the Miniature Zebu - please note that calves may change color when they mature.

Upload Photo - Upload a photo of the Miniature Zebu - A full side profile is preferred.

Alt ID – This is where you put your animals Primary ID.  USDA tag, Microchip, NUES tag, Farm Tag, Tattoo, or Brand.   This record will remain in the VGL database so you need to careful to enter it accurately.

Owner Information – Check to make sure your information is updated and correct.

Test Selection

Your Miniature Zebu test results will NOT be recorded in the IMZA herd book unless it has Genotype on file or both the Dam and the Sire are in the VLG database already and the offspring you are testing is being parent verified.    You MUST select one of these options.    

1. To have the DNA Results listed in the IMZA herd book you must select either: Genetic Markers without parentage (This is for animals that do not have either parents DNA on file) Or Parentage Verification (this is for animals that have the dam or sire or both on file with DNA that are affiliated and recorded in the IMZA herd book already)

2. You may wish to select A2 milk protein and Miniature Zebu Bulldog Dwarfism tests at this time. 3. You must select Mini Zebu Bulldog Panel (BD1, BDz) to be recorded in the IMZA Herd Book as Non-Carrier.
Mini-Zebu Bulldog Panel (BDz, BD1)     A2 (Beta Casein)

Test selection from VGL website:

*Remember only animals with a Genetic Marker report or with Parentage verification will be recorded into the IMZA herd book. If you only selected Milk Protein, Dexter BD1, Mini – Zebu Panel BD1/BDz or Mini Zebu BDz, the IMZA will not record your results in the herd book.

Sire and Dam Information

1. At the bottom of the page fill out the information exactly as it appears on the animal’s registration certificate for the Sire and Dam.  Regardless if they have DNA on file or not.

2. Click Save.

3. You may now proceed to payment or order additional tests for other animals.
After choosing a payment option, you will print out a bar-coded submission form with instructions and a place to attach the sample that will be emailed to you.
VGL will send an email confirmation when your sample arrives at the laboratory. If time is of the essence, we recommend you send the sample via FedEx, UPS or DHL to the address listed for overnight couriers.

Payment - Payments may be made by credit card online, or you may send a check or credit card authorization form in with the sample. Instructions for sending a check or credit card information will print out with the sample submission form.

Results - Once the sample arrives at the laboratory please allow 5-10 business days for results. Results will be sent by email. To view/print your results, click on View Tests/Results, find specific test and then click on Result (at the far right).

If you need further assistance please contact us at [email protected] 

If you have already tested your Miniature Zebu with VGL and would like the results recorded with the IMZA, go to your VGL account and affiliate that individual animal with the IMZA.    Remember if the Genotype is not on file or the Miniature Zebu is not parent verified, other tests will Not be recorded in the herd book. If you have sent a sample for other tests previously, you may select the test for Genotype and VGL will send you the results from your previous sample.

* All DNA tests that are affiliated with the IMZA's UC Davis VGL Database Acct must be and will be verified by 2 members of the Board of Directors before any upload to the IMZA Herd Book.

If during the verification process, the completed test(s) do not meet the requirements to be displayed in the Herd Book, you will be notified as to why. You will be instructed on how to remedy this.

Verified DNA submissions are only sent to the Registrar at the end of each month, so please be patient as they will be included in the next upload.

**Please do not send or submit any DNA information or results to the IMZA Registrar. Please send all questions and comments to [email protected].