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Report of Birth Application

A Report of Birth application is completed by the owner of the dam at time of calving.

Permanent Registration

A Permanent Adult Registration is required for all IMZA registered animals at 3 years of age.

Registration Rules and Guide
Breeders Certificate

To be completed if you purchased a bred cow or you are not the owner of the sire at the time of service.

Ownership Transfer

To be completed by the Seller within 60 days of the sale.

Castration Notification

Use this form to update registered Miniature Zebu that have been castrated.

Hardship Application

Please read the Hardship Rules and Guidelines before completing this application.

Auction Transfer Authorization

This is not a transfer form.

This document should accompany a transfer form

when registering cattle purchased at Auctions

Deceased Report

A deceased animal is to be reported promptly to the Registry.

Name Change Request

Complete this application to request a name change of an IMZA Registered Miniature Zebu. 

Auction Notice Form

Use this online form to inform the IMZA that you have sold your Miniature Zebu at an auction.

Convert to Digital

Use this form if you would like a copy of your existing  Registraion Certificates emailed to you in Digital PDF Form for you records.The cost is $2 per record.

Replacement Certificate Request

This form is to request a replacement certificate if your original was lost or damaged.

Correction Form

Use this form if there is a correction needed for the herd book and/or if you need a new registration certificate issued due to an error

DNA Parent Verification Exclusion Disclosure
Breeder Affidavit of Parentage Correction

Use this form if you need to disclose a parent verification exclusion based on DNA

Please check the online herd book to see if your registration has been processed.  If you have not received your certificate and it has been processed for at least 2 weeks contact the registrar at

Send all Mail in forms and fees to:
3604 Birdsong Lane
Janesville, WI 53548

For other questions or assistance please contact the Board of Directors at

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