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Adding Additional Photos to the Herd Book

If you wish, you are able to add a 2nd and 3rd photo to your Miniature Zebu’s online herd book detail page:


1. This option is for Members only.   Membership Dues must be paid to use this feature.

2.  Have your Member Number and Password ready.

3.  If you do not have a password, email the Registrar to get your password.

4.  Go to the online herd book.     

5.  Scroll down the page until you see this link.  UPLOAD PHOTOS















6. Click the link and log in with your member number and password.

7.  A list of Miniature Zebu you own will be in the drop down menu.   Select the animal that you wish to load a second or third photo to their individual detail page.

8. Select Left or Right photo.   

9. Browse for the photos from your device and click upload.


* Be sure you have resized the photos and they are saved in the proper format.  You many then view the detail page and new photo(s) after you see the message that the upload was successful. 



You may now add a 3rd photo if you would like to.   If you select the same option left or right your previously added photo will be replaced.  Be sure if you are uploading two photos one is left and one is right.   


If you would like to delete a photo, repeat the above process.   Steps 1 - 8. Then select left or right photo and click delete.

You cannot change the top photo that was originally submitted with the animals’ registration application.   Check again to make sure you have uploaded the correct photo that matches the animal.

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